Attention Frizzettes!


shutthefrizzup™ was invited to Aveda’s Curl Crush event and it was an experience. In many previous visits Aveda employees shied away from my type 4 hair when I walked in to try their “Be Curly” line or purchase their Damage Remedy, I was always alone and never approached for assistance.

So when I was called in for the Curl Crush event, I knew it was because I was in a pool of buyers who had purchased their Be Curly product. Aveda having no information about what “type” of hair I have, and the chipper associate who called and confirmed my appointment had no idea what they were about to get a fellow associate into for an hour.

On the date of my scheduled experience, I traveled downtown to the Aveda store and checked in for my appointment. Although shocked at the unexpected task ahead of her, the Aveda employee that was to commence my Curl Crush experience took the challenge (that appeared to be my hair) with uncertainty but full willingness.

I sat down in the chair and the associate asked me to close my eyes and take a deep breath in through my nose. As I inhaled my nostrils filled with the scents of lavender and rosemary and whatever impediments and events happened before my arrival melted away. To assure those thoughts stayed at bay and I was relaxed, the associate then took the same Beautifying: Composition Oil they had rubbed on their  hands and gave me a 5-10 minute neck and shoulder massage.

Next I was asked about my hair issues and what I was looking to fix with my hair. I shared the usual concerns with dryness and what I do to prevent it. I shared what Aveda products I’ve tried in the past and why I’ve changed up (Curly Girl method).

I was then shown suggestions on what “type” of hair I had … “soft, medium, strong, etc.” (hair types were obviously branded by Aveda) The associate had an entire booklet of a “cheat sheet” that has recommendations for combinations of Aveda product for various “hair types”.

After we settled on what “type” my hair was, we began to try the products shown above in order from left to right.

I first took my hair down out of high curly puff similar to this, (held together by about a billion bobby pins!) … The associate was shocked to see all of my hair unfold out of my bun, “wow look at all their hair you have”. They sprayed my hair with water all over so that it was damp and easier to work with for applying the products.


  1. Be Curly: Style Prep
  2. Dry Remedy: Daily Moisturizing Oil
  3. Brilliant: Universal Styling Cream
  4. Be Curly: Curl Controller
  5. Brilliant: Emollient Finishing Gloss

NOTE: The Be Curly: CoWash & the Be Curly: Intensive Detangling Masque were not used on my hair as this Aveda location did not have a full salon.


The products left my hair unbelievably soft and manageable, and I left Aveda with my head high and feeling good about my curls. (Also having purchased the Be Curly: CoWash and Brilliant: Universal Styling Cream to try later)



Coco Michelle



Alas I will not be using the products I purchased from my Curl Crush Event experience, for the Be Curly: CoWash leaves my hair dry AND the Brilliant: Universal Styling Cream has silicones in it which is not in my modified Curly Girl method regimen.