shutthefrizzup™ WHO
Coffee & Curls WHAT
Sunday, January 10th, 2016 WHEN
Shot Tower WHERE
It’s a chance for us to get together and talk HAIR WHY
The main topic will be winter blues: hair game plan for 2016 TOPIC

The Coffee & Curls: January 2016 meetup in our fabulous series focused on winter blues: getting a game plan for 2016! Each ‪#‎frizzette‬ received a mini bottle of champagne, sample of hair products to try, and a 2016 hair goal booklet to plan out their regimens.

shutthefrizzup™ ‘s Coffee & Curls: January 2016 was a success! And here’s why:


Coffee & Curls: January 2016
Coffee & Curls: January 2016


Coffee & Curls: January 2016
Coffee & Curls: January 2016

Over a half dozen Frizzettes came together and shared, learned and laughed. Tips and methods were discussed, questions were asked, and hilarious hair stories were shared. shutthefrizzup™ created an environment where curly haired women (and non curly hair) could discuss issues, methods they’ve heard about but haven’t tried, … etc. We believe that the conversation should be taken offline every once in a while and should become a tête-à-tête. What this intimate environment creates is an educational safe space to connect and feel comfortable about your hair knowing that you aren’t alone. So check the game plan for shutthefrizzup™ in 2016 shared at Coffee & Curls: January 2016 below:

Ticketed Events in 2016


  • shutthefrizzup™’s Coco in Wonderland
    • a tea brunch to fundraise for our sponsored event to help homeless and battered women
  • shutthefrizzup™’s Summer Bonanza
    • a fun summer event to learn about your curly hair and fundraise for our sponsored event to mentor young women
  • shutthefrizzup™’s Holiday Hair
    • an end of the year holiday event to fundraise for our community events in the coming year

Sponsored Community Events in 2016

  • shutthefrizzup™ presents Women for Women
    • a community event donating feminine products and other things to women in need
  • shutthefrizzup™ presents Women for Girls
    • a community event mentoring young girls and discussing being a girl in this world

This is just a taste of what was discussed at Coffee & Curls: January 2016 if you want to know more, come to the next one! RSVP for Coffee & Curls: February 2016, Sweet Treats! And come prepared with 3 sweet ways to shutthefrizzup™ in February :)

Coco Michelle