“My desire for us as women is that we remember our true nature: the fullness of freedom and power of our womanhood as more than objects of desire. Bringing together a powerful and thoughtful group of women is always a great idea. When our voices are gathered together, we have a collective wisdom that can create monumental change.”

– @traceeellisross via @elle , “the agenda”


Tracee Ellis Ross was a HUGE inspiration for shutthefrizzup™. The way that she speaks about her hair and body is so positive that I wanted not only myself but other women to feel that way too. I want you frizzettes as readers to be able to know what started this and why this was important for me to do for ME. So below are to beginning entries for why I started shutthefrizzup™.

Why I started this blog: The Search for the Perfect Curl

Why I re-started this blog: Like Me


Coco Michelle