Inspiration for all stages of the journey …


I feel like those of use transitions from relaxed hair or even heat damaged hair need the most inspiration … because it is SOOOOOOOO easy to just go back to straight hair and one step back can actually be 10 steps back away from whatever your goal may be. SO under here I will post links to photos, blogs, youtube channels and whatever else I come across that speaks to me and hopefully to you as well

SmartistaBeauty – Bri

I like this video of her in particular because she says EVERYTHING I was/am thinking and the beginning of my journey aligns a lot with hers. And I know if it resonates with me it has to resonate with others of you … so I am sharing this HERE.

JourneyTo WaistLength

I thought this YouTube would be good to share for those of you who are transitioning from relaxed to natural and don’t want to cut your hair just yet.


Flat Twists

Bantu Knot Outs

Individual Twists

Roller Sets

Braid Outs


– curly
– blown out
– straight